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24 hours in Boston

24 hours in Boston

As you know, I frequent Boston nearly weekly for work and opportunites. That being said, it’s not often I get to take Sammy along for the ride. Until this weekend where I saw an opportunity for him to be apart of the greater good while exploring a new view and taking in memories.

This weekend was the 6th annual Mullaney Fundraiser honoring a friend of mine who recently survived breast cancer. #JCAVSTRONG. It being a Sammy weekend I thought this would be a great opportunity to engrain philanthropy in his heart and attend the event as my date as I discussed its reason with him. As mentioned in my last blog about balance, I rarely get a sitter for him and I saw this to be the ultimate way to live out balance.

We only planned to stay one night so first thing Saturday I had a goal in mind to have us on the road by 8:30am to make a day in the city. Bold, I know. This of course happened after many struggles and attempts to get out the door and an argument about having chicken nuggets for breakfast which of course Sammy won. I asked my IG audience that lived in the Boston area for their suggestions on family friendly things to do in the city ( of which I will list out and the end of this) but I already had a plan in mind. The Museum of Science.

As an imaginative 4.8 year old, Sammy has developed a love for dinosaurs and the Science Museum had them! We were ecstatic as anticipation set in the closer we got to the city. Sammy did not walk, he ran (breaking all the rules) to the nearest dinosaur. Without boring you with too many details of the museum I will say that I was extremely happy with the amount of exhibits and learning opportunities spread throughout the massive 3 story venue. We caught the Lightening show which had Sammy quite literally in shock. A trip to the Science Museum is a must o for all ages.

I then thought based on his social knowledge and experience that a trip to Chinatown would be fascinating for him as he takes in the views of a different culture and attempts a totally different cuisine. Thats right, after a stop off to a bakery to grab a pork bun and a quick slide down the playscape we were off to Dim Sum. We choose Winsor Dim Sum in China Town. Such a stimulating experience for all senses - he did try a few items but we were snacking on goldfish on our way back to the hotel for a quick freshen up.

Speaking of Hotel, we stay at the Revere Hotel. As many of you know after following along my travel journeys, the Revere remains my consistent Boston home away from home. I feel safe, I love its central location and appreciate the service and accommodations. I knew after reviewing many different hotels this was the right place for us for this weekend. Plus it just so happens the Mullaney Fundraiser was being held at the Revere. Win, win.

After a quick break we were back out exploring the area by foot. We headed straight to Newbury Street. I love the hustle and bustle and the extensive choices of shops, restaurants and cafes. If we had to break at any point we could! After a smoothie and Iced coffee we heading straight for the Boston Common. Sammy loved how friendly the squirrels were. I on the other hand stayed on my toes reminding
(ok yelling at) him to not chase of feed them! Unfortunately the pond was drained of its water, so no swan boat rides on the beautiful 50 degree day but keep it in mind for your next trip to the city!

We soon arrived back to the Revere Hotel to start getting ready for the Fundraiser event! We were greeted with an afternoon snack and Mama was greeted with a glass of wine! It was the perfect thing to come back to the hotel room with after a long day after exploring!I had two outfit options to choose from and I let my loyal IG following decide which I was going to wear. I appreciated ll the honesty after a popular vote of 85% for black jump suit one the orange floral dress from Urban Outfitters. Thanks guys! I actually felt comfortable the entire night! The jumpsuit is from XIX Palms. Although my jumpsuit is no longer available I will tell you I am in love with the fit and feel of all of their pieces owning a few myself.

Sammy and I watched the sunset cast over the city from the view of our balcony overlooking the Back Bay and the Prudential Center. Still to this day, the Revere Hotel has one of the best views of the city! …And we were off. Sammy was so excited about the “party” he was attending and I was praying he would be on his best behavior. I was thrilled to be apart of this event! There is still a way to get involve. I will provide a link at the bottom of this page should you like to open your heart and donate to help others! The event was packed! My heart was full to not only have my son apart of such an event but to look around a room filled with so many people that carry big hearts! Sammy requested “Free Falling” by Tom Petty from the live band and we danced the night away!

It was soon time to go, my little man’s two left feet were exhausted from busting a move and I was excited to get snuggled up! We came back to yet another surprise in our room! Cookies and milk! Sammy was in heaven. As we settled for sleep he said “ Thank you mommy for taking me to see to see the Dino’s and “Elackrisity” show I really had a good time with you.” My heart melted and in that moment I had so much gratitude for where I am life right now. All this hard work trying to make the most of what I have and direct it to where I want to be is starting to pay off. If I only get to be with my little baby half my life I want the time I am with him to always in his best interest. The whole reason I chased after travel, content creating and blogging ( though as I little girl I never thought It would be possible) is because Sammy can be apart of it and more importantly Sammy can grow from it.

We went to bed with happy hearts and woke with energy to tackle our last few hours in the city! Before getting into the car for a two hour drive North I knew I wanted to fuel up but also release energy so back to the Boston Common we went! We explored the entire area. Sammy brushed up on his curiosity for photography as we walked towards Beacon hill. I wanted to show him the area because it reminds me so much of Portland, ME. It is also less busy and full of one of a kind shops. We of course had to make a stop at Tatte Bakery for a muffin and coffee! I then lead him up the hills of Beacon Hill to take in the history and visual surroundings. We ventured back to the Common and played tag and I spy until the clouds started to set in and the wind picked up. It was time to head back home.

I want to take a second to sincerely thank the Revere Hotel for making our quick trip so memorable for Sammy. He will remember the small details for the rest of his life and I will forever feel at home there. I also wanted to let you in on what others were suggesting for family friendly things to do in the city. Check out my list below! I hope some of you are inspired to visit Boston some time soon and will check out the places mentioned! As always if you have any other city related questions feel free to send me a note! Subscribe to my newsletter to be updated when I drop a new blog!

Boston - The Short & Sweet

Boston - The Short & Sweet