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Your weekly questions answered! I love reading your DM’s and comment questions… So I hope you love reading my answers!

Q: How did you get into reviewing Hotels? What a dream job!

A: It first came about with how often I was traveling and the amount of followers who viewed my travels. Most of you became curious to my recommendations on places to stay and things to do in New England. It sparked my dream of becoming a travel personality/blogger. When I was younger I adored Samantha Brown and her shows reviewing travels around the world. I always wanted to be her. To inspire others to seek experience rather than things. I saw an opportunity with this and chased it! I look at this as a career that my son can be apart of and grow from! There are a lot more memories to come and I would be grateful to have played some role in yours by offering my advice!

Q: What is your favorite thing to do with your son?

A: I love being outside with him and going back to the basics. Some of my fondest childhood memories were made outside exploring, learning, and using my imagination. I want that for him. We as a society as so connected to our screens, whether it be a computer, phone, tablet, or television. I want Sammy to grow from human interaction rather than a robot. We love going to the beach, pool, hiking, biking, snowshoeing, parks, and maybe this summer will be the summer he gets up on a skateboard!

Q: Lip Injections… how bad does it hurt? Wanting to try so bad but I’m scared!

A: I like to think they do not hurt at all. Your lips are numbed before the injection. The only thing I can say (For me personally) that was uncomfortable was the initial poke of the needle.

Q: Did you like BIP or being on The Bachelor more?

A: Hands down Bachelor in Paradise was more enjoyable than the Bachelor. The Bachelor only allows you to get to know one person and sometimes the chemistry just simply isn’t there meaning you really didn’t have a fair shot at love. I knew almost right away I would have to really open up and find ways to get to know Arie because upon first interaction, I wasn’t feeling it. Nerves, excitement, vodka and lack of sleep may have played a huge part to my poor attitude because apparently he was feeling differently when he handed me the First Impression Rose. insert *Who me?!!! * (Shooketh AF) Bachelor in paradise allows you to get to know a handful of other contestants in a more relaxed setting. I made so many great friendships from my experience(s) and although I’m not sure I would ever do it again, I am thankful for my personal growth and understanding of what it is I am looking for.

Q: How old are you if you don’t mind me asking?

A:I entered the 30’s club this year! I was not looking forward to it at all but to be completely honest it has been the best year yet. I am the most aware of myself, my needs, wishes, desires ect. and for the first time in my life my confidence is at a place where I truly could care less what someone else thinks of me! How liberating! Fun fact: I was actually sent home from Bachelor in Paradise on my birthday! How funny! Little secret that I can reveal later on: I, however, did not spend my birthday night alone. Once an NDA isn’t hanging over my head, I may decide to blow out all those candles. Cherry on top is that all the girls hand wrote a happy birthday card and snuck it in my bag so I had kind words and love to read during my journey back home.

Q: How Old is Sammy?

A: Sammy is 4 years old. Being the exact and literal human he is, he will tell you he is 4.7

Q: What’s your favorite workout?

A: For Cardio I love spin. I am a regular at Reve Cycle in Portland, ME and favor their Tone & Cycle class that incorporates weights. For strength, Barre kicks my ass. I personally need to be in a class setting where someone is telling me what to do and the music is pumping to get in a decent work out.

Q: Favorite Beach?

A: I have a soft spot for Willard Beach in South Portland., ME. I basically grew up there and now have sentimental memories with my own baby there.

Q: Restaurant recommendations in Portland.

A: I have a feeling this could be completely outdated as I have been traveling so much lately for work.. There is something new in the city almost monthly to check out and it all depends on what you are craving because we have it all! Here’s my rundown in no particular order: Central Provisions, Eventide, Honey Paw, Pei Men Miyake, Boda. I will do a separate blog for all things dinner, lunch and brunch! Hang tight!

Q: Favorite skincare routine?

A: I’ve been using a line called Skinmedica available at Maine Plastic Surgery. Nighttime routine: I cleanse my face then apply the products in the following order: TNS Eye Repair, TNS Essential Serum, TNS Ceramide Treatment Cream and then I seal it all with the HA5 (super hydrating, especially when mixed with a drop of water!). Morning routine: Cleanse, TNS Essential Serum, TNS Ceramide Treatment Cream, finished with HA5. Oh! and you’re probably wondering what I wash/cleanse my face with? I use CeraVe’s Foaming Facial Cleanser. I highly recommend this affordable and effective cleanser! I’ll do a YouTube video for this soon!

Q: What’s your Favorite Foundation makeup right now?

A: I guess I don’t technically wear a foundation but rather a tinted Moisturizer - I have been loving and wearing Laura Mercier Tinted Moisturizer in the shade Nude for years. I tackle my dark under eyes with Tarte’s Shape Tape in the shade 16N (fair-light neutral) and OMG it’s a must have. Both are must haves so I linked them for you!

Q: Who does your microblading and eyelash extensions?

A: Microblading was done by Inna of Ibrows by Inna. Lash extensions are projected by Miranda of Portland Lash and Brow. Read more details on both services in may “Beauty - Who, Where, What” blog!

Q: Advice for someone struggling with confidence?

A: I battled self confidence issues for years. It is so hard to not compare ourselfs to others especially when we are being flashed images on what is the “perfect person” or what is the “perfect life” via social media, tv, magazines and more. I want you to say this outlaid: “I AM LOVED”… simply because YOU ARE…. and do you know what makes you perfect? The fact you offer this world something so unique that no-one can take from you. Being yourself, and refusing to follow or trying to be anyone else is an instant confidence booster, especially when you start to see that you are setting any example for others. You will feel in control and confident with this inner superpower. I know this may be hard to hear or accomplish right away but practice putting on your blinders. Focus on the small things that make you happy (the beach, a good cup of coffee, your favorite song) and seek them out each day. I have also found that complimenting someone else is extremely warming to my heart - knowing you may have pulled someone out of a bad day is an instant gratification that you are doing something good in this world. I’m not found of reading by I have a book suggestion of short reads that have helped me at times. It’s called Mind Platter by Najwa Zebian. This is such a short response to a topic I am truly passionate about speaking more on so I hope some of this helped and that you know you are loved and beautiful exactly the way you are!

Q: How’s life after the Bachelor? Does it change the way you live life or do things?

A: Life after the Bachelor is exactly what you make it and I truly believe some of that depends on the time you spent on the show and the light you were shown in. For me, I was left feeling extremely alone and depressed. Although not all my time on The Bachelor was in bad light, it left me with trolls writing to me every hour about how horrible of a person I was, including extreme name calling and bashing on my motherhood. I couldn’t avoid the tweets, reddit write ups or tabloids that felt like an extreme case of character defamation. Some of these articles would be sent to me and used against me. I would have never expected this from an opportunity at love. I fell into a deep depression and had never felt more alone after going after something I have been seeking all my life: Love. I was crushed - I felt undeserving. I was embarrassed not only for my son but for myself (career & reputation). I was simply broken. It was more destructive than I have cared to share or show, until now. I decided I needed to take control over this. To show those who troll me, exactly who I am by doing exactly the things I love to do, and surround myself with the people who truly know me. The easiest way to do so was with the same tools everyone else was using to send hate my way : Social Media. I slowly became more and more confident to expose myself, decided to delete all the irrelevant negative comments and let the process become nothing but a fleeting moment. I am proud of how much stronger I have become through this experience. Most importantly my heart fills when I see the other side of this. My supporters and those who follow me because of who I am. Not because of a reality tv show edit. Because of these decisions, I have been able to take up opportunities that follow the path of my dreams while leaving a positive impact on others. It’s not easy and I feel like a lot of what you see on social media are glimpses of the more glamorous side of someone’s life and not the full story. I am here to tell my full story.

Q: Would you ever more to Boston?

A: As a permanent residence? No. I am a proud Mainer and love that I am able to raise a child in such a beautiful state! I do however see the possibility of having a condo in the city for the days I commute and airb&b it the days I am home in Maine.

Q: Who do you keep in touch with the most from the show?

A: As of lately the one person I have remained in contact with outside of social media comments & short messages is Angela. She is such a wonderful person who I quickly grew close with and continued to become stronger friends even after the show. As I’m sure you have been able to tell I didn’t do a good job trying to stay relevant with the franchise after my time expired. If I am not currently chasing love on the show, then what am I chasing ? being associated with the show? That I went on The Bachelor? So did a couple hundred others. The most lonely feeling occurs after you return home and do not have any of your friends you just bonded with around. Being so far northeast in Maine, juggling a schedule with my son and with little income adds challenge to being able to travel/visit all the wonderful people I grew with on the show. I sincerely miss everyone!

Q: Are you still selling Real Estate?

A: I currently hold a State of Maine License with over 6 years experience. After the airing of my season of The Bachelor and then Bachelor in Paradise this past year, life became crazy and I was rarely in one place long enough to invest the time I pride myself on having with each client so I decided to not seek clients and finish out the year. I would love to get my feet wet again! I absolutely love Real Estate!

Q: More kids?

A: I would be absolutely honored to have another child. I have a very strong urge to build a family of my own. It started with my search to give love another shot. If I find love then it would become more of a reality for me. For now, my focus is to be the best mother to Sammy. There isn’t a day that goes by, setting aside how we got here, that I don’t feel blessed to have him in my life. He deserves everything with or without someone else in our life or another sibling.

Woah - I feel like this is the first time I have said some of the above to you al! I am loving your questions and being able to stop and get genuine with my answers. Keep the questions coming - I would love to do this at least twice a month! oh, and excuse any typos - It’s been a long day!


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