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Beauty - Who, What, Where.

Beauty - Who, What, Where.

When I’m not talking about travel recommendations, most of you are curious about where I go for all things beauty. This pro-glam girl is about to tell you all about my go to spots!

I tend to be a creature of habit so with that said I have a couple places in the Portland Maine area. In this blog, I’ll be outlining all my routines and my trusted facilities!

I have found a home with Maine Plastic Surgery. I consider it my one stop shop as they offer everything from facials, fillers, botox to plastic surgery. I personally work with Dr. Jarrod Daniel who is board certified in plastic surgery after training in general surgery at the world famous Mayo Clinic. Dr. Daniel went on to specifically train in plastic surgery at Emory University. You are quite literally in good hands should you ever be considering a specific need in plastic surgery. With that said, Maine Plastic Surgery staffs extremely educated and experienced experts with the passion in providing you with excellence in the service you are interested in.

Here are some of the service’s I’ve received; because it’s all about transparency!

Facials: Chemical peels, dermaplaning, PRP microneedling, and nano needling, and high frequency treatment.

Botox: I typically use botox treatments about 2-3 times a year for preventive aging. I have been using Botox for just over 2 years, starting at the age of 27. I have the botox injected between my brows, crows feet area and the top of my forehead. I have found temples and general forehead area pull too much and give a very non authentic look… making me not feel myself. We are all shaped differently and react differently so consulting with a professional and expressing your concerns is key!

Fillers: I use a Juvederm filler in my lips. I love being able to get creative the shape and look of my lips. I never had full lips so this non-permanent service is something I have done about 2-3 times a year and inject around 41.25 units. I tend to absorb the product at a faster rate due to increased metabolism and exercise. My suggestion is to always start small because you can go back for more filler within a 2 week period of time before your product syringe expires. I do not, and will not place filler anywhere else on my face other than my lips. Just a personal preference.

Lash Extensions - If there is one thing I cannot live without when it comes to my beauty routine it is lash extensions. I love the instant eye pop and definition they create. I simply feel more “girly” and to be honest, naked if I don’t have them on. I have been going to the same boss lady for nearly 2 years now and cant get enough. I go between the hybrid and volume lashes depending on my need.  Due to the amount of traveling and how often I am wearing make-up and taking it off, I go in for fills about every 1-2 weeks. Extensions can last up to 3 weeks if you are cautious about the products you are putting on your face and avoiding anything with alcohol in it (it tends to strip the glue quickly and your lashes will fall off). I suggest using a lash extension safe mascara that is oil free and alcohol free to avoid breaking down the glue that attaches the lashes. I highly recommend seeing Miranda and Portland Lash & Brow if you are in the Portland, Maine area,

Eyebrow MicroBlading: It has been almost two years since having my eyebrows microbladed. It was such a transformation service with outlining and filling my brow shape. I deal (as many of us do) with a very non-symmetrical face and microblading helped “straighten” things out. It is a semi-perminant “tattoo” that will fade over time. Most ask if it hurts - My experience was definitely not comfy cozy but I am sure there are advance techniques to comfort the feeling of tiny scratches being made repeatedly on your face since two years ago. Beauty is pain, right? I went to iBrows by Inna who is based out of Saco Maine. Check out her work - iBrowsbyinna .

Hair - For cut and color I have been seeing Caitlin at Mint Salon Block (soon to change location) in Falmouth Maine. I have been working towards a very cold platinum blond for years and she has been taking over the work and perfecting the color. She also trims my hair and thins it to keep a healthy length.


Makeup application: I rarely get my makeup done but the couple of times I have it has been for events in Boston. I have worked with Stephanie Ward and have always loved her application style and perfection. She has ample experience with brides, models and even the New England Patriots Cheerleaders. If you are in the Portland, Maine area I highly suggest Jessica Candage. Just have a look at her work and you’ll see exactly why. Both of these women are rock stars at what they do!

I will continue to add more on my skin care routine but for now these are the services that I have done outside of my home. I will soon blog about my at home routine including the specific brands and products I use daily. Comment below with additional questions and I’ll make sure they are covered. For now, stay hydrated, wear your sunblock, and wash your face at night! Do it!


Four Seasons, Boston

Four Seasons, Boston

Ritz-Carlton, Boston

Ritz-Carlton, Boston