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The Revolution Hotel, Boston

The Revolution Hotel, Boston

The Revolution Hotel has made it to my favorite list for hotel stays in Boston. New to the South End Neighborhood of the city you will find The Revolution Hotel to be smart and innovative with its compact design. Incorporating local artist talent that can be seen throughout the entire hotel, you are sure to fall in love with its design and street smarts.

Tower designed by:  @individualscollective

Tower designed by: @individualscollective

I love the rooming concept of the revolution hotel. each room (for lack of a better comparison) reminded me of a dope dorm room. Small in square footage but thoughtfully designed to provide you with ample storage and use of the space. Keeping with their tradition of doing things a little differently, the hotel is one of the first in Boston to offer rooms without an in-room bathroom. I’ll expand. You have your choice of three different room styles:

Bath in-room: You can enjoy more privacy with a go as you please invitation with a bathroom in your room. This is actually the style of room I had when I stayed. I loved that there was simply a sliding door separating the room from bath. The bathroom is also tiny in size but offer exactly what you need.

Bath down the Hall: These rooms come three ways: one big King bed. Triple equipped with a king bed and lofted twin. Quad, featuring four twin beds arranged bunk-bed style . Let’s put it this way. Do you have a bathroom in your bedroom at home? Most of us do not, so walk your hiney down the hall just as you would at home! You’ll find everything you need in these communal bathroom and trust me, you will have no problem with this “sharing is caring” idea when you see that they are connected to an occupancy indicator light to ease your anxiety of someone coming in. stop being extra,  lock the door and get your bath on.

Revolution Lofts: As the Revolution Hotel would describe these rooms are bigger, better and more badass. The lofts come six ways with your choice of bed size. The rooms range from 250-400 square feet with range cooktop, the cooking tools, and even a pantry stocked with full-sized speciality Boston provisions These Lofts are actually not apart of the main hotel but are just a walk away on Appleton Street. These lofts remind me of a typical small Manhattan apartment. Sex in the City style living anyone?

Ok now that you know what type of room you are choosing let me tell you about what your options are outside of the rooms. The Revolution Hotel offers a co-working and events space called Conspire. Conspire is a space for innovators to create & accomplish during the day and relax and socialize at night. Open 7:00am to 7:00pm this space is free for guest and available at a fee for locals and travelers. Conspire has a ton of perks; desk space, booth style seating, private meeting room, library, lounge area and even a shuffle board to give your revolutionary mind a break. I had the pleasure of attending a live band performance with snacks and drinks to enjoy. All in all, I love this space!

To wrap this up, I was not joking and will never say something just to be nice. I truly dig The Revolution Hotel. I’m a huge fan of the South End neighborhood of which the Revolution Hotel is Located. You are surrounded by amazing restaurants, shops, galleries, and parks. I have been recommending the hotel left and right for first time city seekers, bachelor/ette parties, and those looking for something affordable yet unique and modern. I could even see a huge production team or family reunion being hosted here. You walk in and absorb a revolutionary attitude. It’s contagious. Also being someone who geeks out over art & interior design, you will enjoy the visuals that surround you that were designed and executed by talented local artist.

Live like a revolutionary. Try something new and utilize your surroundings to the fullest.

Mural by: @tristaneaton

Special thanks to Drew (@a_ciggs) for joining in on this project to capture the vibe. I encourage you to take a look at his insane photography skills beyond what he produced with me.

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