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Maine Plastic Surgery, Portland, ME

Maine Plastic Surgery, Portland, ME

Everything you need to know about my skincare routine can be found at Maine Plastic Surgery. Recently moving the location of their office you will find instant tranquility and elegance as you walk in and surround yourself with glamour and technology. The staff are extremely educated and beyond friendly, treating you as if you are a long time family member. It was a huge reason why Maine Plastic Surgery quickly became my home for all things beauty.

Now before I get started talking about the services I have done with Maine Plastic surgery I think it's important you know I am by no means trying to sell you on any one service but more so educating you on what it is I personally have done and why I love it. When it comes to skin care maintenance there are so many directions one can take and it’s important you always consult with a professional and discuss what is best for you! I truly love being transparent with you all as readers and I am flattered one of the number one questions I am asked is about my skin care routine… so here goes nothing.

First things first.

Skin care starts at home. I am very fond of the skin care line and products a certified aesthetician from MPS designed for me based on my skin care needs after a consultation. I will provide a photo of those products below but for now, all of the items can be found in house at Maine Plastic Surgery.

Secondly, it also helps to leave it to the professionals to give your skin an extra boost. I routinely see an MPS aesthetician for the following services: Dermaplaning, peels, PRP micro-needling, exfoliation.

Dermaplaning helps to mechanically exfoliate the top layer of skin. In doing this it reveals a more supple and soft skin. It can also help provide a deeper product penetration. For me a huge reason why I love dermaplaning is because of my hairy heritage. That's right, being French, I naturally have a fuzzy face and dermaplaning removes soft facial hair without causing a thicker darker and more noticeable growth. Removing this soft facial hair also helps alleviate trapped oils and dirt from the skin. I almost always get this down when I am seen at Maine Plastic Surgery.

Peels are a great way to address the needs of all skin types through various strengths and depths of the chemical being used. Chemical peels are a great way to help treat acne, discoloration, fine lines, wrinkles and aging. Chemical peels exfoliate the surface layers of the skin and as the topmost layer starts to shed, signals are sent to the living cells below to multiple, move up and increase collagen production.

The chemical peel I have personally had done is the “Vitalize” peel offered by Maine Plastic Surgery. It’s a happy medium when it comes to strength. Its medium exfoliation strength is great to brighten and clear the skin. It helps provide vibrant, radiant skin with minimal downtime. However, full disclosure, I peeled for nearly a week and endured irritation during that time so it is extremely important to follow the after care routine and allow the downtime!

Now let's talk about my favorite, PRP Microneedling. This innovative, anti-aging & skin rejuvenating treatment uses your body's own healing mechanisms to stimulate collagen and elastin. So in other words, you blood is drawn, separated, and the top layer of plasma is pulled to be injected into your skin using tiny (I mean tiny!) needles that results in rejuvenation and collagen growth. The PRP pulled from your blood contains healthy growth factors which include PDGF that initiates all wound healing.  As your skin “heals” itself new collagen fibers are forming to fill out, repair and rejuvenate the skin. I will say that there is a solid 2-3 days of downtime. You will want to relax at home as the redness subsides and the PRP is absorbed. Plan it before a weekend in and make sure it is done well before any upcoming events. I swear by this treatment as I noticed softer, youthful and glowing skin. Speaking of, I think it’s time for another treatment!

For the more intense treatments I choose to have done, I also rest my trust in Maine Plastic Surgery. I have both Botox and lip fillers done yearly. I personally love Botox because it visibly smooths and softens moderate to severe frown lines. I started Botox treatments when I was 28 for anti-aging purposes and honestly believe it has stunted my aging in some way despite how inevitable aging is. I focus on my crows feet and in-between my brows to give a subtle lift of the eye, awakening my overall appearance. I do not like injected on the outside of my brows or temple as I feel it has made me look as though I have had a face lift.

It’s important you know that even though I have Botox done, I urge to continue to remain as natural to my own look as possible. I’m not trying to change my appearance, I am trying to preserve it. The same goes for lip fillers. I love the look of a full lip, but let’s not turn into a duck, ok? I have been playing around with lip fillers for two years as well and I have stuck with Juvederm. I enjoy playing with the look of lip shapes but have found myself focusing the fill more in the middle bottom and middle top of my lips. It is natural your body will slowly metabolize these products and the time of that depends on so many different factors. For me, I am extremely active, sweating in the gym, and chasing my little one around and find myself needed these services about twice a year.

With all of this said, I am a huge advocate for doing what feels right for YOU. I made these decisions for personal reasons and find myself feeling confident and comfortable. Judgement free zone, transparency is key in a world that stimulates us with unrealistic images that promote insecurity.

I am more than happy to share what it is I have had done and hope it plays a role in your own decision to take on the extra services of professionals. I am beyond happy with Maine Plastic Surgery and would recommend consulting them with your questions or interest in any of their services! You are beautiful and you deserve to always feel beautiful no matter what that looks like to you!

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