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Cliff House Resort & Spa, Maine

Cliff House Resort & Spa, Maine

A stay at the Cliff House in Cape Neddick, Maine is the quintessential coastal Maine Stay. Situated on coastal cliffs that overlook the Atlantic Ocean your stay is guaranteed to be picturesque.

Upon my initial turn down the windy roads covered in bright yellow, orange and red fallen leaves my attention was drawn to the charm of the town I was passing through. As a “Mainer”, I regret saying I have spent little to no time in the Ogunquit area. The town is filled with storefronts and restaurants that are not only visually appealing but well known to locals and visitors. That being said, I was comforted by my intrigue to explore more of the town the Cliff House resides in *IF I couldn’t find enough to stimulate me during my stay. Little did I know at this time in my journey that the Cliff House is a place you never want or need to leave.

I was greeted by accommodating staff that quickly took care of my vehicle and luggage as they kindly assisted me to the front desk. Come to find out many of the staff members have been long time employees of the Resort and knew the ins and outs long before its well crafted face lift. As the doors opened to the reception area, I felt as if I always belong. The interior decor is a coastal aesthetic dream that warms you with soft textures among the ocean blues. I was eager to explore more and found myself rushing through the check in process so that I could explore everything the Cliff House was made of. As the room key was handed to me I felt the invitation being passed to do just that. And off I was…

The knowledgeable bellhop guided me to my headquarters as he gave me the history and lay of the land. In April of 2014 a fourth generation Weare family member sold the Cliff House Resort & Spa to Rockbridge Hotel Investment Firm. To back things up the beginning of the Cliff House Resort & Spa started in 1866 as the Civil War just ended and the Boston and Maine Railroad was about to add a stop to York Maine. Wife of Capitan Theodore Weare, Elsie Jane, invested their money to buy Bald Cliff land and the rest is history, literally. The bellhop continued to tell me that the building he was walking me to was part of the Connector Project between the main building and the spa building and was completed in 2004. Before I knew it we were at the doors to my building which opened and I was yet again in awe of the interior design. I was now even more eager to step into my room.

Up one floor and through a well light hallway passing the “Maine Station” filled with help yourself beverages we soon stood in front of my room door. The key pad turned green and the door flung open to a large open living area as my attention was immediately drawn to the glass doors the opened to the ocean. Bags dropped and I headed straight into the light. The moment I glided open the large glass doors and stepped out onto one of three connecting balconies an energizing fall breeze swept up from the surf below as a harmony of birds and soft waves crashing formed.  I was overwhelmed with connectivity and peace. It was in this moment that I realized The Cliff House is truly magical.

Much to my unwillingness to leave that moment and view I turned around to re-enter the room I quickly overlooked and continued to follow my pure excitement for the space I was standing in that would offer me comfort, belonging and gratitude. The colors of the room mimicked the ocean as the decor carefully synchronized with the overall coastal theme. Lights in the shape of buoys, paintings of sea creatures and nautical details, it was as if the coast was brought inside. This room in particular, one of the many ‘sunrise suites’, has a living area, dining area, mini bar, king sized bed and large bathroom. This may be the smallest of details with the potential of playing a big part, but can we talk about the adorable plaid bathrobes? Many of you asked after seeing my IG stories where to snag one. They can actually be purchased from the Resort! Back to what I was saying, this room had it all and I certainly did not feel the need to ever leave it. Until I did…Because as you now know, curiosity drives my wanderlust actions.

As I stepped out into the hallway that filled with the warmth of sunlight glistening in through the line of windows that peered out into the courtyard I spotted the outdoor pool and human sized chess board. Both of which screamed summertime memories. I continued down the hall until I stumbled upon a restaurant called ‘Nubb’s Lobster Shack’. It looked like the perfect place to host lunch, relax after an afternoon outing, or indulge in a casual feast. When in Maine, anything lobster is the way to go. Right beside Nubb’s was the indoor pool but what caught my attention were doors that opened up to the terrace. As soon as I stepped outside I found the outside jacuzzi, pool and tons and tons of space to relax on lounge chairs while listening to the waves crash against the cliffs below. No matter where you stand on this resort he views the Cliff House never disappoint.

I continued my walk around the resort and found the cutest coffee shop called ‘Bald Head Coffee Co.’ serving a very familiar, and very well loved coffee, Bard Coffee. I knew I would find myself there the next morning.  I stepped inside the main building where I checked in and found a room that could lead you in many different directions. One doorway will take you the The Gallery. Yes A Gallery! And the Gallery will lead you to a cinema. Yes a cinema! If you don’t head through that doorway just turn around and you will be seated at ‘The Tiller’ Restaurant which I wasted no time making reservation for that night. Turn another direction and you can find yourself relaxing in front of a large fireplace enjoying a cocktail and good read (like say, this blog!) Walk a few steps and you enter one of their event rooms that hosts weddings and events. Right next door is their gorgeous spa. If you walk up the stairs you can enjoy the hustle and bustle of watching other guests coming and going in the lounge area while listening to a live pianist. As you can see just from walking into one room, opportunities that lead to memories await you.


I found myself back in the great room near the check in counter talking to a long time staff member. He asked what part of the building I was staying and I proceeded to tell him “The Ledges”. He excitedly went on to tell me there is one thing that has to be done at The Cliff House that isn’t experienced by many. He suggested, ok that was lightly put, he *told me I must wake with the sun. Set 1 or 857 alarms and make sure I catch the burning sun rise over the Atlantic because it is unlike anything else. He had me at sunrise, but didn’t have me at 5:54am as I quickly checked to see wait time it will be coming to life.

To get over the fear of possibly missing the sunrise because come on, Moms need sleep too, I heading back downstairs to comfort my fears with a Cocktail at The Tiller Bar. At this time in the afternoon, the sun was beginning to set and the restaurant was preparing for dinner service. I took it upon myself to walk around its space and truly soak in the soft light that illuminated each table setting. It slowly but surely began to sink in that anyone would be blessed to host their wedding or event in such a magical and beautiful setting. I sat back down at the bar and carried on small talk with the bartender as I enjoyably finished my cocktail. Looking down at the clock I needed to head back to my room and get ready for dinner as I had a friend joining me to delight in The Cliff House Resort Experience.

Of course I slowly took my time getting back to the room seeing things I missed the first walk around. A large fire pit caught my attention as it was surrounded by Adirondack chairs that subliminally told you to sit down with friends or family and warm up by the fire while looking up at the stars. I was finally back at my room and was greeted with Veuve Champagne and a charcuterie board. The perfect afternoon delight and welcome home treat. My friend soon arrived and we heading straight to The Tiller. We walked into a live one man band playing all the favorites. It was the perfect way to walk into dinner as the music softly played in the background with we took our first sips of wine.

We decided to split a few things so that we can enjoy a taste of the suggested menu items. With a glass of wine, we indulged in Bang Island mussels, buttermilk fried artichokes, and pan seared day boat scallops resting in a bed of lobster fried rice. Mouth watering yet? Dinner was beyond delicious and we devoured it so quickly we found ourselves with extra time on our hands so we headed over to the bar to enjoy a night cap and more live music. The night was perfect. As I looked around the room, everyone was happy or should I say in their happy place. I didn’t want the night to end. But the voice of the friendly staff member chimed in and reminded me I had a sunrise to catch in the morning.


A combination of a satisfied stomach, slight wine buzz :), and a cloud 9 like bed, I was fast asleep in the silence of the room. BEEP BEEP BEEP!!! What was that? I woke in panic to the noise of my alarm going off in a dark room. I was in such a deep sleep I forgot where I was but within seconds as the room started to glow I remembered it all and quickly grabbed that flannel robe and rushed out the door to the “Maine Station” and served myself a hot and very large cup of coffee. My eyes were slowing starting to open as I stumbled back into my room to find the golden lights of the sunrise starting to waken up my room. Coffee in hand, robe on, I opened the sliding glass doors to my balcony, turned on some Lee Morgan and began to anticipate what my eyes where about to see.

There it was the thin layer of bright red and orange beginning to peek through where the ocean meets the sky. The birds gathering for their noise ordinance committee meeting, it was very obvious a new day was upon us. The sun continued to glow bigger and bigger until the whole sky light with fire. Could I be the only one witnessing this? There was a strong sense of serenity I have yet to experience. I felt beyond bless to be where I was in that moment and no resort until now has ever made me feel that way. There is simply no place I have yet to experience like The Cliff House Resort and Spa.


My experience in term was short lived but the memories carry on forever. It is a place I want to bring my son, friends and family. A place to appreciate natural beauty. It is a place I want you to endure for yourself. It is not often we are given chances to completely disconnect, ground yourself, and truly live in the moment.

The Cliff House Resort is the place for that. I find myself at a loss for words when wrapping up my experience simply because it is something you have to live for yourself. I highly suggest The Cliff House Resort and Spa for your next destination. I guarantee you will experience one of the most captivating oceanfront destinations.

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